Menthol Atomizers



Experience refreshing menthol with a cool snap in the Clean Cig Atomizer refill.

Each atomizing cartridge is equal to about 2 -3 packs of traditional cigarettes. One package includes five cartridges and is about equal to a carton of traditional cigarettes for a fraction of the cost..

Great Taste…Great Value

Available from 0-24 mg!!

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Bulk Pricing Discounts

Product Description

For use with our Starter Kits, these atomizing cartridges give the user a refreshing minty flavor. Clean Cig uses the newest two piece designs for our products, consisting of one battery, and one atomizer or ‘atomizing cartridge’. This ensures that every time you replace the cartridge, your getting a new atomizer and new clean cartridge at the same time. Unlike some older 3 piece designs, you never have to worry about clogs, build up, or refilling used cartridges. We offer these atomizing cartridges in four different levels of nicotine. Extra High¬†(24mg), High (18mg), medium (14mg), low (10mg) and none (0mg). One atomizing cartridge is equal to two to three packs of traditional cigarettes, and one package includes five cartridges. *Price includes one package containing five cartridges. Packaging design may differ from image shown.

Additional Information

Nicotine Level

24mg, 18mg, 14mg, 11mg, 0mg