How To Clean An E Cigarette Atomizer In 5 Steps

A burnt taste is one of the most common problems experienced with a clogged up atomizer. In addition to that, flavors do not usually taste as they should.

Vapor production becomes inefficient.

However, one does not run to the store every time this happens. It is possible to extend the life of the e-cigarette with just a few simple steps.

This can extend the life of the atomizer by weeks.

So how do you clean e-cig atomizers?

Before we take a look at the steps, let’s take a look at a few things you’ll need before you start.

Things You’ll Need To Clean Your Atomizer

First and foremost, a lighter is necessary. It would also be a good idea to have tweezers. Moreover, one will need a thin but sturdy object for putting the wick back in, a screwdriver with a detachable head would also work great.

However, there are no strict requirements that one has all these tools. Instead, one can just use any object that they feel will serve the purpose More Info.

First Step – Separate Ecig Battery & Cartridge

This will involve separating it from the e cigarette battery and cartridge. One will also require some paper towels. This step involves blowing the atomizer hard.

A slurping sound, like that produced when sucking a drink through a straw, is produced. If there is a lot of content stuck in the atomizer, this sound will be more audible.

One should also use a paper towel to wipe inside the atomizer screw, this is necessary to remove any content that is not ejected by the blowing action.

Second Step – Push, Don’t Pull The Wick

This is a very important step to keeping the wick clean. The wick should be pushed out not pulled. Once it is pulled out, it needs to be inspected for black crust after rinsing in water.

If there is any noticeable crust on the fiber ends, it should be burnt with a lighter for about ten seconds. Any longer and it will be damaged.

The wick should be held by the metal mesh using the pair of tweezers.

Third Step – Dry Burning

This is something known as dry burning. However, a lot of caution needs to be taken when doing this.

One needs to screw the battery back on without the cartridge. One should then hold down the activation button and blow as hard as possible.

The atomizer is clean if vapor stops coming out. Before dry burning, one needs to blow as hard as possible to get rid of as much debris as possible.

The process should be done in small five-second steps. Otherwise, the atomizer may be damaged.

Fourth Step – Soak The Wick

Soak the wick in a mixture of alcohol and water. This is essential in making sure that it works, as it should. Otherwise, the entire process might be very futile.

The component should be left there for about twenty-four hours. If the wick is not so dark, skip this step.

Fifth Step – Boil The Atomizer

This step involves boiling the atomizer in water. This helps to get rid of any impurities that might still be stuck.

It is an essential step in making sure your electronic cigarette continues to work without a hitch.

A Clean Ecig Atomizer

All you need to do after all your steps are complete is to reassemble your ecig.

If the atomizer is leaking after reassembling, the wick is probably to blame and needs to be adjusted.

After these steps, one should notice that the e-cigarette continues to work reliably for some time.

Now you have a clean atomizer and a better e cig, which is what Clean Cig is all about!

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