3 Reasons Buying E Cigs Are Cheaper Than Smoking Cigarettes

For a long time now, debate has raged on about the advantages of e-cigs as opposed to smoking. At the moment, we know that electronic cigarettes is a lot healthier than the latter, and most experts have admitted as much.

However, over the course of time, an entirely different question has risen: can you actually save money by shifting from smoking to vaping?

Here are three major ways in which using ecigs is cheaper than regular smoking.

E Cigs Reduce The Tendency To Overindulge

This one is really simple. Heavy smokers go through anything between 2 and 5 packs a day, and this translates into a hefty bill at the end of the month. On the other hand, e cigarettes are designed with lower levels of addictive substances, meaning that those smoking them generally tend to spend less at the end of the day.

When the two types of expenses are placed side by side, those taking up vaping spend at most 3/4 of the total bills racked up by regular smokers. The urge to smoke also tends to reduce over time when using ecigs.

Ecigs Saves Money In The Long Run

If you do the math, you will find that a rechargeable ecig Starter Kit is less than $11. It provides 2 atomizers that are the equivalent to what 4-6 packs of cigarettes would provide. With a pack of cigarettes averaging around $8, you would spend at least $30 on regular cigarettes to equal the value of our e-cig starter kit.

That is on the front end.

Our atomizer refills come 5 to a pack for less than $16. That is the equivalent to up to 15 packs of regular cigarettes! You would pay $120 in regular cigarettes for the same value you could get for $16 from using ecigs.

Let’s put that in perspective. If you smoke a pack a day, you would save over $2,500 a year by switching to ecigs!

Savings in Terms of Health

Technically speaking, manufacturers of electronic cigarettes are not allowed to declare how clean and safe their products are. However, we all know that while e-liquids contain bases, regulated nicotine and coloring, regular smokes come with a wide array of chemicals known for their toll on the body.

Generally, smokers suffer from illnesses such as asthma and general congestion issues a lot more regularly than e cig users do. By vaping, you save yourself the long-term costs associated with prescription drugs for smoke-induced complications.

So if you are wondering what habit between ecigs or cigarettes is costlier, then you now have no doubt about the answer. Vaping is way cheaper than smoking and can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year!

Why not start saving TODAY?! Shop our Clean Cig Starter Kits and keep a little money IN your pocket!

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