About Us

Two childhood friends were reunited by social media for lunch with their spouses and discovered a common interest. One of the guys said he just purchased an electronic cigarette to stop smoking, and a look on the other guys face like I know something about this. He had been approached to sell the electronic cigarettes by an individual in Arizona.

After lunch and talking we decided to meet and see where this would go. Our meeting went well enough for both families to scrap up enough money to make an order and began trying to sell the product. We decided to name our product Clean Cig and immediately started investigating what was available for customers as an alternative to smoking.

Our first mission was to find the best tasting electronic cigarette followed by the best price we could offer our customers. After a long period of testing many different products, the Starter Kit evolved which came in Regular and Menthol flavored tobacco, was put into the market on a local basis. Our customers were our best critics and the feedback was so positive that we immediately started moving the product from a local level on to a state level. What started in our garages and homes of packaging and labeling quickly grew to a 10,000 square foot facility with enthusiasm and commitment to the Clean Cig Electronic cigarettes focusing on brand recognition, quality and the best price.

Clean Cig Electronic cigarettes was founded in 2010 in a 500 square foot building in need to bring to the smoking community a safer alternative to conventional smoking.

After investigating what was available for customers as an alternative due to the smoking bans around the country, Clean Cig Electronic cigarettes was then formed for public use to smoke anywhere, at anytime.

Our main goal was to pursue continuous improvement, have state recognition with the potential for national distribution but at the same time, take care of our customer base. We are pleased to be able to continue satisfying our customers as well as growing our area of distribution to all 50 states.